Living in Portsmouth, VA., Part 1, November 1, 2017 – May 9, 2018

20180121_154939After a leisurely trip down the Chesapeake, due largely to bad weather in Cape May and Annapolis (not bad places to be stuck!), we arrived at Tidewater Yacht Marina in Portsmouth, VA. on November 1, 2017.  The goal was to be further south, but not too far, as we knew that we’d be moving north in early May.  While unusual for the area, this winter was brutal!  Not nearly as bad as our friends and family up north in NJ, PA and VT experienced, but it was certainly interesting experiencing it on a boat!  It was a huge learning experience.  Most importantly, we decided that we will winter in southern Florida next winter!

Visions of our experience on the boat during and after the “bomb cyclone”:

The good news?  We love the Portsmouth/Norfolk area.  There’s much to see and do, a lot of art and culture, wonderful restaurants, and it’s close to the beaches, Williamsburg, Richmond, Washington, DC and more.  Tidewater Yacht Marina is nestled in Old Towne Portsmouth, directly across the Elizabeth River from Norfolk.  Brick and cobbled streets, beautiful old homes, parks, tons of history, remarkable boat traffic on the Elizabeth River, and much to do.  More to come in future posts, but for now, a brief tour around Olde Towne, and a few views from the marina:

Beautiful Portsmouth, VA.

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