NEW JERSEY!!! ❤️ Heading to Oceanport…First stop, Cape May, N.J., May 3 – 9, 2019

Cape May.  No matter how many times we go (and it’s been a lot), it’s always special.  As we approached the ferry terminal and the canal, we saw some familiar dolphin friends welcoming us back to New Jersey! 🐬 There was little boat traffic, and when we arrived at Utsch’s Marina, it was pretty deserted.  After a nearly 72 mile run, we wanted to get washed down, straightened up and grab some quick provisions, as our friend Tom Mahoney  from Drew U was coming down to have dinner and spend the night.


Rob and Tom at Mayer’s

It was great to see Tom and catch up.  We enjoyed a nice seafood meal at Mayer’s, across the road-ish from the marina. Thanks to our friends Karyn and Dave Goldner, part time Cape May residents, for the restaurant intel!

We took a long bike ride on Saturday morning, cruising by all of our favorite homes, inns and beaches.  Cape May was busy with May Day celebrations and weddings, and while it remained windy, the sun was shining…for now!

All around Cape May

The block of the Washington Street Mall between Perry (down near Congress Hall) and Jackson Street, had a street fair, with face painting, balloon animals, a May Pole and much more.  The retailers were offering snacks and beverages, along with a sprig of a spring flower when you paid for your purchase.  It was a lovely morning!

Washington Street Mall & Bath Time, Nancy’s favorite store!

When we were done with the Washington Street Mall shops, we rode down to the beach and stopped into George’s Place for a delicious Greek lunch. George’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week, and the food is plentiful and delicious!  We have eaten all meals with them (for dinner, BYOB), and their food is incredible…super fresh and perfectly seasoned.  Rob had Quesadilla’s and I had a chicken falafel, and both were great.

George’s Place

On Sunday it poured all day, and we never left the boat (but the fisherman went out!).  We had dinner reservations at Peter Shields Inn, but with the downpour, and no car, we moved our reservation to Monday and opted to stay in and keep dry!

Monday was another beautiful day so we enjoyed more bike riding, made another quick stop to Acme in town, and relaxed on the boat until we left for dinner at the Peter Shields Inn.

Enjoying the beach and promenade along Beach Avenue

More landmarks around Cape May

Whenever we’re in town, we visit The Inn at Cape May, formerly the Colonial Hotel.  In 1942, Rob’s parents spent their honeymoon there, and after a much needed face lift, she still stands tall and beautiful on the corner of Ocean Street and Beach Avenue.  In 1894, William H. Church, a West Cape May builder, began work on a 60 room boarding house, meant to be 4 stories high with a French roof, plenty of porches and ocean views. The house was being fitted for both lighting and heat, as the building would be in operation year round.  The building was to be known as the Colonial, and Mr. Church would operate the house himself.

The present day building is the result of extensive expansion and renovation over the years.


The Colonial Hotel/Inn at Cape May

There are so many great restaurants in Cape May, and Peter Shields Inn is considered one of the finest. We have several of our own favorites that we rotate when we visit, and yes, Peter Shields is at the top of our list!  We have eaten many memorable meals here (Justin’s fabulous 21st birthday dinner on the porch with a view of the ocean comes to mind!), and stayed in their lovely rooms. The food is always unique, fresh and absolutely delicious.  Bringing your own wine has the advantage of making a top notch meal more economical!

Dinner at Peter Shields Inn

The owners of PSI also own the fun, casual and yummy Fins, located downtown on Decatur Street. Fins is a great place for a drink, lunch or dinner, where you can enjoy watching the beautiful fish in several large tanks around the restaurant, and have anything from a salad to a full entree.

The morning of May 7 was cool, but sunny and calm for our run from Cape May to Atlantic City in the ocean.  It’s a 45 mile trip, so it’s long enough that you don’t want to do it in choppy seas!

Leaving Cape May, approaching Atlantic City

We try hard to do our part by picking up any retrievable garbage in the water, on beaches, or for that matter, anywhere.  We know first hand what’s in the water and the implications that has on wildlife and boaters.  This is what we pulled from the water off of Atlantic City.

Our good deed for the day!

Approaching Farley’s Marina

We arrived in Atlantic City at 12:30, grabbing fuel and pump out at Farley’s Marina before pulling into our slip.  After getting settled and having lunch, we took an Uber down to Ocean Hotel and Casino as a starting point for a walk along the boardwalk and ocean.


We’ve been to Ocean Hotel & Casino before, but we took a couple of different turns this time, and ended up in some areas we hadn’t explored before.  While all of the Atlantic City casinos along the boardwalk have oceanfront views, you’d never know it.  When you enter most of the Atlantic City casinos, it’s like going into a dark cave.  The Ocean embraces their waterfront real estate, with windows everywhere on the ocean side, and park areas and the pool are on a terrace several floors up with ocean views. The Ocean was formerly the Revel Hotel and Casino, that opened with great fanfare, but quickly crashed and burned.

It was a beautiful, but windy day for a stroll on the boardwalk.  We took a walk then ducked into Hardrock Hotel and Casino, and then grabbed an Uber back to the boat.

Boardwalk & Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Our destination on the 8th was to be somewhere in our old neighborhood of northern Barnegat Bay. The winds were expected to pick up on the 9th, which is the day we needed to make an ocean run up around Sandy Hook to get to Oceanport Landing Marina, where we would spend three weeks. So, our goal was to get as north as possible to shorten the ocean run, stay at one of our old favorite anchorages and get a jump on the building winds.

It’s a beautiful run up Barnegat from Atlantic City, and it was great to do it again, most especially without the black flies of summer!  That is something to avoid.

From Atlantic City to the Manasquan Bridge

We ended up throwing an anchor off the Bay Head Yacht Club, at the beginning of the Point Pleasant Canal. We were the only boat in the anchorage, and it was fun to watch the boat traffic and sunset in this beautiful, familiar neighborhood! We were just around the bend from our old marina, Comstock’s.


Anchorage off Bay Head Yacht Club

We knew the wind and seas were going to build throughout the morning, so we raised the anchor and got underway at 5:25 am.

Pt. Pleasant Canal to the Manasquan Inlet, 5:30 am

It was cool and cloudy, which made the choppy water even more unpleasant. We unfortunately got stuck with a morning rush hour RR bridge closing before we could get out to the inlet.  It was choppy right out of the gate, and the seas grew to about 5’ by the time we circled Sandy Hook.  It was a great relief to see the beautiful New York Skyline, knowing that we would soon turn the corner around Sandy Hook for calmer seas!

It was a peaceful trip to Oceanport Landing, our NJ “home” marina for our short stays in the area.  We’ll be here for 3 weeks to catch up with friends, annual doctor/dentist appointments, have some minor work done on Misty and Nancy is having foot surgery on the 20th.  So for now, it’s good to be home!


Goodnight Oceanport!

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